Bored in Tri-Cities => Creative Tri-Cities!

Bored in TC => Creative TC

We spent our first few months as Bored in Tri-Cities showing you all the cool stuff there is to do in Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco, and that was fun!

We attended lots of different events, interviewed residents and business owners, and met lots of new people!

Now, we want to grow in a new direction.

Instead of just showing other people’s events and activities – we’re going to start creating some of our own too!

One of our first projects is going to be creating a local photo agency to highlight the work of local photographers from the Tri-Cities! Already, through Instagram, we have met so many talented local photographers.

We’ve showcased some of their work on Bored in Tri-Cities and we’re going to be doing more gallery-style showcases on our various pages online.

The first project for our local photo agency will be putting together a collaborative project to showcase the Tri-Cities.

Our aim is for the photos to be used to promote the Tri-Cities – so the photos could be printed into postcards, added to online photo galleries on city websites, or made into a poster series highlighting the best sights in the Tri-Cities!

If you’re interested in working with us, and other local photographers, to showcase the Tri-Cities, get in touch with us soon so we can include you on the email list when we get our plan ready to send out in the next couple of weeks!

Another effort we’re working on is to beautify our community and parks through art.

For our first project, we’ll be talking with the City of Kennewick arts commission this week about possible sites for new murals – we’re hoping to do this in Columbia Park but it could be any number of places!

Once we’ve talked to them, we’ll put out a call for anyone interested in helping!

Everyone can help – you don’t even have to be an artist 🙂

We have some more ideas, but we’ll get started with these ones first – and then keep growing!

What kind of creative projects would you like to see in the Tri-Cities?

We went to the Adventures Underground 10-year anniversary and met cool people!

We got a booth at Adventures Underground’s 10-year anniversary party this weekend and it was awesome!

It started on Friday and kicked off with live music from Ippy Crick, Naughty Pine, and more. On Saturday, bands including Pets, SVPPERCVB, Badland Nomad, Invincible Czars and more played music throughout the day.

Food vendors, artists, authors and others set up out in the parking lot to sell their wares. People walked around in costumes of superheroes and aliens. They had a special midnight showing of A Clockwork Orange at the Uptown Theater.

We were selling art, photos and books and had a great time chatting with visitors and other vendors.

Davin Diaz – Drewboy Creative

Right next to our booth was artist Davin Diaz of Richland art gallery Drewboy Creative. He was there doing Basquiat-inspired portraits on found maps.

Davin Diaz of Drewboy Creative (Bored in Tri-Cities)

Diaz described his style as “contemporary” and “avante garde,” although that’s evolved over time because he started with a more classical style.

Then he fell in love with Jean-Michel Basquiat, an American artist from the 80s born in Brooklyn whose style is graffiti-esq and falls into the categories of neo-expressionism, primitivism, and contemporary art. Despite the rough appearance, one of his pieces just sold for over $100 million.

(Bored in Tri-Cities)

Diaz tries to harness that energy in his work – with his own flavor. Recently, he’s taking a chance on creating the kind of art he likes to do, rather than trying to appeal to what others expect.

I think it’s working Davin!

(Bored in Tri-Cities)


He did several portraits that I saw and while they certainly had a modern art feel to them, they really captured the essence of the person at the same time.

Great job!

Laura Turo – local artist

As long as she could remember, Turo has “been making stuff” – she said she remembers her creativity starting as early as age 3! She’s from upstate New York but moved here for a job with PNNL. She went to art school and studied ceramics in New York City.

Laura Turo, local artist (Bored in Tri-Cities)

When she first moved to the Tri-Cities, she didn’t have a kiln or a wheel to make ceramics. But her creativity needed to find an expression so she started doodling.

That evolved into a mixed media style all her own – and one that I think is very cool (full disclosure, I bought a print from her – this yellow one actually)!

Print by Laura Turo (Bored in Tri-Cities)

She did get a wheel and a kiln recently, so she’s beginning to make ceramics again. Be sure to check her page for those when they are ready!

(Bored in Tri-Cities)

Turo is currently showing her art at the Caterpillar Cafe in Adventures Underground. She has previously had shows at other galleries including You & I Gallery.

I highly recommend going to see her beautiful work!

#LoveNotHate Tri-Cities

Laura and Martin Newberry were at the event representing the Love Not Hate group in the Tri-Cities. It’s a national campaign and they’re representing our local chapter.

Love Not Hate started after the election of Donald Trump amid fear that social justice gains would be reversed under the new president. Many minorities were afraid of being attacked amid the hateful rhetoric.

Laura and Martin Newberry of  Love Not Hate Tri-Cities       (Bored in Tri-Cities)

The creation of this group has “provided a lot of comfort” to people who felt afraid after Trump’s election, Laura said.

Love Not Hate allows people to create the community they want to see and have conversations about different topics in a non-antagonistic way, Laura said.

The most visible effect of the group are the lawn signs – which sold like hotcakes at the Adventures Underground party!

(Bored in Tri-Cities)

“We started as a group of people that got together to print 250 signs,” Laura said. “They were all gone in 2-3 weeks … we’re on our 3rd batch of signs now!”

The background of the sign is the best part, according to Martin.

“It was a 3rd grader in Chicago who came up with the idea. Then students and parents helped make it happen,” Martin said.

You can go to the Love Not Hate website and download all the artwork to easily create your own sign, Martin said.

The campaign has gone national, and signs are popping up in every state, Martin said. You can find it online under the hashtag #LoveNotHate and #HHNHH (Hate has no home here).

(Bored in Tri-Cities)

Love Not Hate Tri-Cities wants to bring together all the different communities in the Tri-Cities for good – like raising money for charity acts like they did when members did a fundraiser to fill up the Pasco School pantry when it was low on supplies.

It was also members of Love Not Hate that started the Sunday Postcard Writing group I’ve written about before on the blog. They meet every Sunday (often at Ethos Bakery and Cafe) to write to elected officials about important issues.

Although the group appears liberal and leftist, they want to reach out to Republicans and conservatives as well.

With Pride Month next month, the group will be meeting soon with LGBT activists and others interested in planning events. Get in touch with them on Facebook if you’re interested!



Weekend happenings! June 2-4

What a beautiful way to start the weekend – sunny, warm weather and blue skies!

Well, this weekend is going to be allllll about the outdoor markets!

Yes – they’re back! And other outdoor events like the Drive @5 (that was yesterday, and every Thursday this summer!) have started up too!

It really feels like summer now – don’t you think?

Ok, let’s get started!

Friday June 2:

AU@9 am – 1 pm: It’s Opening Farmers Market at the Richland Parkway! The first of the year – vendors will be out with their wares – from fresh produce to handmade items. There will also be hanging baskets and fresh cut flowers to create custom bouquets. Sounds fun!

@4 pm – 9 pm: Adventures Underground – a comic book, vinyl, and book store with a café, chess club and so much more… will be celebrating their 10-Year Anniversary this weekend! Come by the store in Richland’s Uptown to check it out and to browse through the outdoor market of artists they’ve curated for the event. There will be a “melting potluck” so bring a dish to share. There should also be some live music – so stop by!

@4 pm – 9 pm: Climate Film Night: The Tri-Cities Citizens’ Climate Lobby will be showing the film “Merchants of Doubt” at the Mosaic on the River Apartments Clubhouse. While watching the must-see climate documentary, enjoy some food too as it’s also a potluck – so feel free to bring something to share!wheelhouse

@6 pm – 7 pm: Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop in Richland is hosting a “Not a Group Ride, Group Ride.” They’ll be at Amistad Elementary School repairing kids’ bikes tonight but the group ride is still on and they want you to have a good time without them! The ride will be from Wheelhouse to the Richland Uptown where Adventures Underground is celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

@6 pm – 7 pm: Strides Therapeutic Horsemanship Center is having an open house so you can learn about what this awesome non-profit does! You can tour the facility, meet the horses (my favorite is Pete!) and learn about their programs – they do therapeutic horse riding for kids with disabilities and it REALLY makes an impact. They are very nice too – so stop by and say hi!

Saturday June 3: basin

@8 am – 11 am: Birders of all levels are invited to the Bateman Island Bird Walk – the last one until September because they don’t walk in July or August – will be guided by the Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society. Meet at Wye Park on Columbia Park Trail and see what breeding species are arriving for summer! They’ll provide some binoculars to loan out too!

@9 am – 10 am: Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga is on at Two Rivers Park in Finley. That park is surprisingly beautiful and I never even knew it existed until last year. “Let the paddleboard be your yoga mat” – they’ll give you a short intro to paddleboarding, get out on the water, anchor down, and have a yoga class out on the water! Sounds relaxing! All the equipment is provided by Northwest Paddleboarding, so just show up 😉

@10 am – 9 pm: Adventures Underground continues it’s epic 10-year anniversary with a special midnight movie shown at the Uptown Theater. They’ll have vendors out from the Richland Farmer’s Market, local authors and artists, some food trucks and more live music! Definitely sounds like fun!blackwool

@12 pm: BlackWool, a new clothing store in downtown Kennewick, will be hosting a block party for it’s grand opening! There’ll be live music from Karma Nobi, Topp Yel, Tino Cruze, and DJ Sworth (I hope I put commas in the right places because while those artists’ names sound really cool I don’t recognize a one… lol). They’ll have giveaways and more – so make sure to stop by and find out what it’s all about!

@8 pm – 12 am: Rage at the Stage semi-finals will be happening at Emerald of Siam – a Thai restaurant in the Richland Uptown that also has live music events almost every night! All the acts that made it through the prelims will be battling it out tonight for a chance to perform at the Hapo Community Stage for the Rage at the Stage finals!

Sunday June 4:park.jpg

@9 am – 11 am: Free Yoga in the park! It’s at Howard Amon – one of my favorite parks in the Tri-Cities – and it’s brought to you by Northwest Paddleboarding. It’s a beginner level class so don’t be afraid to go check it out!

All day: The new Candy Mountain trail is open (it had it’s Grand Opening Friday morning!) – why don’t you go check out the new trail! It looks beautiful 🙂 It’s the little mountain to the right (north) of Badger Mountain and there’s a new parking lot, trailhead, and trail to the top!

We hope you have a great weekend!

Tag us in your photos on Instagram (we’re @Boredin.Tricities)

Tips for getting the best photos of tonight’s lightning storm!

Did you try to get a photo of the last lightning storm and just end up with dark, blurry pictures?

Well, there’s some more severe weather – complete with “frequent lightning” and gusts of up to 60 mph – headed our way today. So you get another shot (notice the pun there?)!

Lightning strikes in Spain (Ricardo Faria / Flikr)
Before I give you those tips, I’m obliged to tell you that according to NOAA, no where outside is considered safe during a thunderstormIt’s obviously safest to take the photos from INSIDE a sheltered spot. On average, 51 people are killed every year from lightning strikes. So be smart and don’t let you or your tripod be the tallest thing in the area. Make sure to have a hard-topped metal vehicle with rolled up windows or a building with indoor wiring and plumbing which will act as an an earth ground nearby to take shelter if the storm reaches your location. If you can feel or hear the electricity buzzing in the air, you’re about to experience a very close strike – and you need to shelter immediately!

On to the tips!

Lightning strikes in Thailand (Tony / Flikr)

Here are the best tips and tricks from the experts I could find for getting the perfect shot of lightning strikes.

Since I assume anyone with a fancy camera knows what they’re doing already – this is for the people out there trying to catch the lightning strike with their phone camera.

One trick is called the “quick release”. Get your camera open and aim at the right direction, press and HOLD DOWN on the shutter button. The camera will shoot when you release the shutter button, not when it’s pressed.

Make sure your “finger is on the trigger”. Watch the sky, not your phone. Then wait. Release the shutter as soon as you see the lightning strike!

Wide angle lens will give you the best shot at capturing a strike, so make sure you’ve changed that setting on your camera. Also, think about your photo’s composition.

Lightning out the window (Iraia Martinez / Flikr)

Another trick is to use the “burst” or HDR setting which allows you to take multiple photos in a row with one click.

But how do you know if you’re pointing your camera in the right direction? Storms come from different directions, so check out and watch the radar image of the storm moving to get an idea of what direction it’s moving.

Try to set up your frame a bit ahead of the storm so you can be ready for it. You can even use apps like Lightning Finder or Spark that show strike activity in real time.

Remember – SAFETY FIRST! There will always be another lightning storm and more chances. Don’t risk your safety for a good picture!

If you end up taking a good shot tonight – make sure to tag Bored in Tri-Cities when you share your photo on Instagram (@boredin.tricities) or Facebook (Bored in Tri-Cities).



It’s the Weekend! (May 19-21)

Ahhh… the weather has been SO beautiful today!

I stayed outside enjoying the sun a little longer than expected today so I’m getting this blog post up just a couple hours before some of this weekend’s events begin: so make sure you check out the DrewBoy Creative “InVisible” art show about mental health that starts at 6 pm today and the bike maintenance and safety class at Greenies that starts at 6:30 pm today.

As for live music – there’s several options for you to choose from on Saturday night including a symphony performance of film music from Lord of the Rings 🙂monstertruck

There are a lot of kids and family events this weekend which is great! Kidz Dig Rigz is one I KNOW my 4-year-old monster truck-obsessed nephew will be going to – especially because it has a bounce house!

Check out the rest of our post to see all our our specially-curated list of weekend events!

Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend 🙂

Friday, May 19:

Friday evening from 6 pm – 9 pm, DrewBoy Creative in Richland is hosting InVisible, an art show about mental health.


It aims to unravel the negative stereotypes associated with mental illness and be a space for people to openly share stories about their experiences with mental illness.

Artists include Felicia Follum, Bobi Wilson, Quinton Maldonado, and more.

It looks like a good show with an important message!

Greenies will be hosting a bike maintenance and safety class Friday from 6:30 pm -7:30 pm. If you forgot some of your bike fixing skills over the long winter, stop in to get some tips. If you’re new to biking, you’ll learn all the basics. Bring a tire to practice!11 exhale.jpg

11Exhale Kennewick is celebrating it’s yoga studio’s Grand Opening this weekend. The new place is near Southridge on Union Ave.

They’ll be having free yoga classes, a 7 Directions ceremony, and an afterparty celebration. Check out their Facebook page for more event details!

Saturday, May 20:

yoga park.jpgOn Sunday morning at 9 am, Northwest Paddleboarding will be hosting a free yoga event in Howard Amon park. The class is a beginning level yoga class, and they’ll be holding these free events throughout the summer! Check out their Facebook page for all the dates!

There’s a volunteer opportunity for a very good cause on Saturday morning with the Insane Inflatable 5K. If you volunteer it will help raise funds for Rascal Rodeo – a non-profit organization that produces rodeos for people with disabilities of all ages.insane.jpg

My cousin, Ann-Erica Whitemarsh, started Rascal Rodeo as a senior project in high school and now the rodeo travels all over the United States and Canada! Go here to register to volunteer doing everything from handing out water to race participants to registering people for the race. It’s at the Benton County Fairgrounds and goes from 7 am to 1 pm.

The Kidz Dig Rigz event is happening this weekend, hosted by Kadlec. It’s a two-day, family-friendly event for kids of all ages! They can get close to tractors, fire trucks, tanks and more! There’ll be monster truck rides, tractor rides, a car crusher presentation, bounce houses (my nephew is OBSESSED with bounce houses haha), face-painting, and food vendors. Sounds great 🙂trailwork.jpg

The last Candy Mountain trailwork party of the season will happen Saturday morning, from 9 am – 1 pm with CH2MHill. The event, hosted by Friends of Badger Mountain, will be finishing up the part of the beginning of the trail that goes into the new parking lot. That’ll mean raking out and then graveling the last 400 feet of trail – along with other tasks. Meet at the Candy Mountain Preserve Trailhead!


The Yellow Dog Integrative Arts Studio in Richland is having a “Saturday kids studio” day tomorrow at 10 am – 12 pm. It’s for kids but adults are welcome to come paint too!

It’s $25 for all supplies and instruction to make a 11×14 inch acrylic painting on canvas. You can also get $5 off the price by donating five items for the food bank – nice!

On Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm, the 4th annual Vintage Under the Sun and Artisan Market will be happening in Kennewick’s Keewaydin Park, near downtown Kennewick.

There’ll be a park full of vintage finds, artisan goods, food and shopping! If you haven’t been to Keewaydin Park, you should go just to get some sun and sit in the grass 🙂
confluent mixed.jpg

On Saturday, Confluent – a makers space full of all different tools from wood working to sewing machines to painting – will host a class at 1 pm on mixed media collage.

You’ll learn basic collage techniques using images, stamps, stencils, paint, and more! It’s $25 for non-members and $15 for members, and it’s ages 15 and up!

Live music at Adventures Underground – awesome! They’ll be hosting Carrie Akre and Danny Newcomb – from the Seattle rock band Goodness/The Rockfords on Saturday at 2 pm. I don’t see any ticket price listed so I think it’s a free show!

The Mid-Columbia Symphony and the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers will be performing “Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Wagner” on Saturday evening at 7:30 pm.

It’s the season finale for the Mid-Columbia Symphony and includes rousing film music and opera choruses. The Varsity Chorale from Hanford High Choir and the Mid-Columbia Boys’ Choir will also perform in the show! Click here to buy your tickets for Saturday or Sunday’s performances.broken lights

For more live music, the Emerald of Siam on Saturday will be hosting Broken Lights with the HUB – described as a mix of rock, soul, and hip-hop. They’ve performed with Eclectic Approach, Jason Mraz, and more! The show starts at 9 am!

Sunday, May 21:


Confluent will be having a training session on Sunday at 1 pm on how to use the 3D Printer Tool. It’s ages 13 and up, and it’s free for members or $10 for non-members.

Make sure you check out their schedule of events on Facebook to see if there are other classes you want to sign up for! They have a wide variety of creative classes 🙂

On a related note, SCRAP is celebrating its second anniversary this weekendand offering 10% off all stamps and scrapbook paper. SCRAP is a non-profit that collects leftover arts and crafts supplies and resells them. You can find everything from tiles, to brushes, to remnant fabric materials. Cool concept – stop by and see what they have 🙂postcard.jpg

On Sunday afternoon at 2 pm, the postcard writing group will be meeting again at Ethos Bakery & Cafe.  They’ll get together to write postcards to our elected officials and recap the past week of politics and news.

Ethos is one of my favorite cafes in the Tri-Cities. It’s a great place to go to sit and drink a coffee and munch on one of their homemade pastries!

We talked about the Northwest Paddleboarding free yoga in the park event. They have a LOT more events and classes for you to do this summer. Check out their website to see f you want to sign up for a Summer Upright Paddleboarding (SUP) package!

You’ll get 4 classes for $120. You’ll get an emailed code to reserve your spot in any SUP classes like Intro, Yoga – YES, while balancing on a paddleboard, Moonlight Paddle – using LED “torch” paddles (how cool!) and Tours. Most of the classes are age 12 and up – sounds fun!

Did we miss anything?

What are you excited about doing this weekend?

What would you like to see happening that isn’t?


‘Shop around the Corner’ was fun!

Bored in Tri-Cities went “Shop Around the Corner” at the Tri-Cities Business and Visitor Center in Kennewick on Monday – and it was a great event!

The atmosphere was friendly and inviting 🙂 Business owners featured on a panel shared their advice on starting or growing a small business in the Tri-Cities.

Some of the panelists included Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop, Adventures Underground, Juvo Media, Jenographics, and The Emerald of Siam.

shop around

Dara Quinn, co-owner of the Emerald of Siam – a Thai restaurant and lounge, talked about her efforts to remake the Emerald, a family-owned restaurant that has been in business since 1983 in Richland’s Uptown, into one of the Tri-Cities‘ best music venues.

At first, she had to seek out the artists, but now – with the restaurant’s reputation for live music shows growing – artists are coming to her. The Emerald hosts a wide range of artists in their shows – with the musical style varying from jazz to heavy metal, Quinn said.

She encouraged local artists to reach out about playing at the Emerald!

The event was held in Q&A format, and the business owners offered valuable insights. Messages were sent in via phone and then appeared on the screen. Attendees at Shop Around the Corner then voted on their favorite questions.

Shop Around the Corner (Bored in Tri-Cities)

The format definitely facilitated an interesting and valuable conversation about many different subjects, businesses, and industries.

It was hosted by the Better Business Bureau Northwest (Serving Eastern Washington and Idaho) – which rates businesses and charities in our region, and Emerging Tri-Cities – a company whose mission is to provide professional development opportunities for the community.

We hope Emerging Tri-Cities continues to organize events like this over the summer! We’d love to learn more about local business and meet anyone trying to help grow our local economy and make the Tri-Cities a better place to live 🙂

Did you got the event?

What did you think about it?


Weekend events! May 12-15

I know I say this every week, but there is so much happening this weekend in the Tri-Cities!

One of the things I noticed was a lot more live music options! And of course, because it’s spring – festivals and outdoors events.

I even included some cool options from nearby towns like Walla Walla and Prosser.

Also, tons of Mother’s Day brunches – I’m not going to add all of them to this list, but just assume almost anywhere you’d want to go to eat Sunday brunch has a Mother’s Day event 😉

Let’s get started!

Friday, May 12:debra

Have you heard of Prosser’s Brewminatti Cafe? It’s a very cool, unexpected place to find in Prosser (sorry Prosser!). They have live music every weekend – and this weekend it’s Debra Arlyn & The Goodness. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Debra won ‘ Portland’s finest young pop singer’ by the Willamette Week, among other awards and accolades. Definitely worth a quick 30 minute drive to Prosser to check out her music live 🙂 Show starts at 7 pm.

Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop is having its Richland store open house today from 6:30-7:30 pm. Go down and check out the shop and learn about the biking community! They have a bike library and a mini bike shop for members. “All are welcome!”classy chassy

Ahhh… the summer season seems to have begun because we have our first classic car show! The Classy Chassy Show and Shine is in Kennewick today and tomorrow in historic downtown Kennewick. Over 200 car owners will be there to show off their classic cars. Registration and opening events happen tonight, while the bulk of the show happens all-day Saturday.

Another festival! This one out of town, in Walla Walla. The Walla Walla Spring Fling happens this weekend, starting Friday at 3 pm in Pioneer Park. It’s a free, family event with vendors selling food, commercial items, and handmade arts and crafts. There will be performances throughout the event, and proceeds from the festival will go to Longmire Ranch – a therapeutic horse ranch.

Salsa, bachata, cumbia… do you like Latin dancing, or just listening to the music and watching the people who can dance? Haha! Well, NOMAD at the Kennewick Red Lion is hosting the first Tri-Cities Salsa Congress fundraiser of the year. There’s even a bachata dance lesson at 9 pm!richland players.jpg

Tonight is opening night for the Richland Players’ rendition of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest! The play is a kind of dark comedy about a man who agreed to take the insanity defense to go to a mental hospital instead of jail. The main character, McMurphy, goes head to head with Nurse Ratched and riles up the other patients. There is some adult content and language, so keep that in mind. The show begins at 8 pm tonight.

Also in theater, Hanford High School – known for its great drama department – will be performing the Rogers and Hammerstein musical “South Pacific” starting at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $10-12.battelle

The Battelle Film Club is showing a new international film tonight at 7:30 pm at the Battelle Auditorium.

The film, from Germany, Austria and Romania, is called Toni Erdmann. It’s about a practical joking father who’s trying to reconnect with his hard-working daughter. He creates an alter-ego and poses as her CEO’s life coach.

Saturday, May 13:

Ever been interested in learning about the benefits of hypnosis? There will be a Body/Mind Connection and Healing Open House where you can meet with providers of massage therapy, mental health counseling, and hypnosis. First 100 moms get red roses 🙂 It starts at 10am at the Corrado Office Park in Richland, check out directions and more details here.

A Bike Expo by Bike Tri-Cities will take over Camp Kiwanis at Kennewick’s Columbia Park on Saturday from 11 am – 3 pm. The expo is held in conjunction with the Kiwanis Inland Empire Century Ride also on Saturday. This event is aimed at kicking off the National Bike Challenge for May. They’ll have a prize raffle, booths, food, music, bike safety courses, helmets for kids, and more!bees

Do you love bees? Or just understand how important they are to human survival? Well, the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center will be holding a workshop from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm teaching us all about native bees and butterflies. You’ll also learn about how honeybees communicate, and which flowers attract hummingbirds. You can also learn how to build a “bee hotel” in your own backyard 🙂 Admission is $8 for adults and $6 for kids. Reach members are free.

More outdoor activities! There’s a Mother’s Day ORV run at Juniper Dunes hosted by Eastern Washington Adventures. They’ll have a camp-out in Smith Canyon with ORV runs throughout the weekend. The main run starts at 10 am on Saturday, and it’s all free! They’ll have vendors like Selah Sweets there too!eurovision

Eurovision 2017 has arrived! This year it’s hosted in Ukraine, but you can watch it with others who enjoy the contest at Fuse, a co-working space in Richland near the Parkway. The live streamed show starts at 12 pm at Fuse. Don’t know what Eurovision is? It’s basically like the Voice or any singing competition we have here in the U.S., except participants come from all over Europe. It’ll be a family-friendly event and Fuse will host a potluck lunch with snacks and drinks from LiveTiles, an international software startup in the Tri-Cities.

There’ll be some live music at the Pasco Flea Market – a SPRAWLING market where you can find just about anything. The Pasco Flea Circus will be playing at the market. There’s also lots of food vendors at the flea market and although I didn’t get a chance to eat when I checked it out last season, it smelled amaaaaazing!hillstomp

More live music 🙂 The Emerald of Siam in Richland’s Uptown will have Hillstomp – Punkabilly from Portland playing at 9 pm. The junkbox blues duo sounds like hill country blues stomp, trance blues, Appalachia and a dash of punkabilly. Their instruments consist of buckets, cans and BBQ lids, as well as a slide guitar. They already have two widely-acclaimed studio albums and their working on a third. Sounds different!

Sunday, May 14: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAYpostcard

Another Sunday postcard writing opportunity for those of you who like to discuss what’s happening in our local, regional, and national politics! It’s from 2 pm – 4 pm at Ethos Bakery and Cafe in Richland. They’ll be meeting at Ethos to discuss and write postcards to our city and state representatives.

(Like I said in the intro, there’re so many Mother’s Day brunch options I couldn’t possibly include all of them, so just assume almost anywhere you’d want to eat on Sunday has a Mother’s Day special happening!)

If you’re more into yoga than brunch, there’s a Mother’s Day Yoga class at Unity Yoga in the Richland Parkway. It starts at 9:30 am and costs $16 a person. The class is an all-levels Hatha Technique class, so don’t worry about it being too difficult if you’re not into yoga or don’t do it regularly! It’ll be a 75 minute class and drop-ins are welcome!castle

On a completely different note, there’s a paintball “Castle Purge” event happening at Red Dot Paintball. It starts at 12 pm – and all players are welcome! Check out directions and other details on their Facebook.

Want to learn how to do Argentinian Tango? Kennewick’s Salsa con Rumba dance studio is having an all-levels class from 4 pm – 6 pm on Sunday. It’s called Argentine Tango Practica – a mix between a lesson and a milonga (an Argentine ballroom dance). Sounds fun!

How’s this list? Did we miss anything?

What are you planning for this weekend?




How bad are ticks in Tri-Cities?

I grew up here in the Tri-Cities and I remember always being told to watch out for ticks in places like Bateman Island and the Yakima Delta every spring because they were prime tick habitat.

And ticks could give you Lyme disease, I’d heard! But then I did some research …

Bateman Island (credit: Bored in Tri-Cities)

What I found made me more comfortable and prepared to hike in tick habitat!

Yes, we do have ticks in eastern Washington. But our risk of getting tick-borne diseases is “relatively low” compared to other regions in the U.S., according to the Washington State Department of Health.

Ticks that you’d worry about while day-hiking around here would be in wooded areas with tall grasses and brush – places like the Chamna Natural Preseve or Zintel Canyon.

That being said, some locals do hike in those areas even during tick season.

“We walk year-round in Chamna and Amon (preserves),” said Karen Sowers, president of Tapteal Greenway – a local non-profit conservation group.

“The important thing is taking the normal precautions (long pants tucked into socks/boots, light colored long sleeved shirts, and applying DEET) and doing a thorough tick check after leaving areas with grass, shrubs and trees.”

Not only is our general tick-borne disease risk relatively low here in Tri-Cities, we also don’t get as many cases of Lyme as other regions of the U.S.

Bateman Island (credit: Bored in Tri-Cities)

“Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the United States, but is rare in Washington,” the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) said on its website.

“Only zero to three Lyme disease cases per year are reported to be infected in Washington,” it added.

Lyme is the most serious tick-borne disease. It can cause an initial flu-like illness and then lead to recurring joint pain, nervous system disorders, or heart disease, the DOH said. A bullseye rash often appears around the bite.

Columbia River shore (credit: Bored in Tri-Cities)

There are other fevers that can be caused by ticks in eastern Washington. But like Lyme, there aren’t that many cases reported in Washington.

They are Tick-borne Relapsing Fever – with one to 12 cases reported in Washington per year, Tularemia – with one to 10 cases reported in Washington per year, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – with zero to 3 cases reported in Washington per year, the DOH said.

These fevers can cause flu-like illness, the DOH said. Rashes also often appear around bites of other tick-borne diseases too, it added.

Sowers also recommended that dog owners keep their pets on a leash to minimize their opportunity to run off-trail where the risk of exposure to ticks is higher.

“Personally, the physical and mental benefits of being outdoors far outweigh the risk of the ticks to me, particularly when preventative measures can be taken to minimize that risk,” Sowers said.

What do you think?

Would you hike in tick habitat? 

Cinco de Mayo Weekend Events! (May 5-7)


So… how about that lightning storm last night? We weren’t able to get any good photos from our location – so we’d love it if you could tag Bored in Tri-Cities in your photos or videos of the lightning!

Luckily, it looks like the weather will clear up a bit for us 🙂 That’s good because there are so many events and activities this weekend.

We looked through all of it for you and came up with this curated list of activities. Enjoy!

Placeholder ImageHere we go 🙂

Friday, May 5:

Starting off your weekend, WSU master gardeners will be at Demonstration Garden in Kennewick for their Spring Plant Sale!

It’s from noon to 6 pm on Friday and continues Saturday from 9 am – 2 pm. All the plants were grown by master gardeners – and they’ll be there to give you free gardening advice! There’ll also be a bake sale, arts and crafts, and gardening gloves. Check out more details here.

Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop is having its First Friday Richland Group Ride tonight. Meet at the bike shop near Howard Amon park at 6 pm!Brockhaus-Efron_Velosipedy2

It’s Cinco de Mayo and you know the Tri-Cities will be celebrating in style!

Starting Friday is Downtown Pasco’s Cinco de Mayo Festival. It’s fun for the whole family and it’s free admission!

Come celebrate our culturally diverse community with a parade, food vendors, cultural night and more 🙂

The night parade starts at 7 pm at 204 W. Clark st. And at 8 pm there will be a horse dancing competition! There’s even an after-party at Rumer Lounge in Kennewick!

Another nighttime event on Friday is at the Bechtel National Planetarium – which will be hosting two shows at the dome theater.

“Dynamic Earth” starts at 7 pm and “Bad Astronomy: Myths and Misconceptions” starts at 8 pm. Each hour long presentation starts with a live “sky tonight” show to learn about the positions of stars, constellations, and planets. The second half of the show is the full dome film experience.

Make sure to get there on time because they don’t let anyone in for safety reasons after the show begins (it gets really dark!).

Saturday, May 6:

The Downtown Pasco Cinco de Mayo festival continues on Saturday with the launch of the Pasco farmer’s market from 8 am – noon. It’s the first farmer’s market of the season in Pasco – definitely check it out!


The Cinco de Mayo festivities continue with family activities, concerts, a cultural night of dance and music, and the Miss Cinco de Mayo pageant.

Also continuing on Saturday is the WSU master gardeners Spring Plant Sale at Kennewick’s Demonstration garden.

For outdoor The Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society is hosting a Bateman Island bird walk at 8 am. (Worried about ticks? Check out our recent blog post looking at the facts on tick-borne diseases in our region).

It’s a great month to see migratory birds and resident birds setting up their nests. Birders of all levels are welcome and they’ll have binoculars to loan out as well!erratics

There’s an Ice Age floods trip to Grand Coulee on Saturday – hosted by the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center. This is a full day tour so you have to sign up today (tickets include bus, lunch and water at $87 per person). Check out their upcoming trips too!

Gary Kleinknecht will lead the tour to Grand Coulee and participants will visit the Othello and Drumheller channels in addition to dry falls. Learn about the Ice Age floods geology we can see all around us in eastern Washington! (Read our interview with Central Washington University geology professor Nick Zentner to learn more about this!)

Rally on the River – a beach volleyball tournament – will be happening at Leslie Groves park in Richland this weekend. The courts were just renovated and these will be the first games on the new courts! Starts at 9 am Saturday and Sunday.

It’s Free Comic Book day at Adventures Underground in the Richland Uptown. Check out the free comics available and enter the costume contest while you’re at it 🙂17349913_1832837456967022_7674505119048930355_o

Blank Space in Kennewick is hosting a Modern Makers Spring Pop-up Market from 9 am – 2 pm. It’s a curated collection of Pacific Northwest Makers – and you can pick up a locally-made gift just in time for Mother’s Day.

They also offer free professional photos of moms and kids, make and take projects, and live music!

At 2 pm, Blank Space will also host a Pop Party. Up Balloon Boutique created a balloon art installation of a cherry tree in full blossom. Tickets are $10 to pop the balloons to get prizes from local businesses. Proceeds are donated to get kids into summer camp!

Want to see some live music? The Emerald of Siam will have Scott Schweiger for his CD-release tour along with Bernardus. The ambient folk rock sound of Bernardus paird with lead singer Ben Kramer‘s singer-songwriter style lyrics combines to create what the Emerald described as ‘alternative Americana through a modern pop lens.’

Looking for a different kind of night life?

Try out Club Om Saturday Night Yoga at 11 Exhale in Richland. The hot yoga session is from 7 pm – 10 pm and you should expect loud beats and explicit lyrics. Over 18 please! They have different music selections each session – last time was Electronic Dance Music, this time it’s hip hop 🙂15747628_1274167122629022_5992224467367872280_n

Sunday, May 7:

A more relaxed yoga option is Sunday morning’s all-levels class at the Hampton Inn in Richland hosted by NW Paddleboarding. All ages and fitness levels welcome! It’s from 9 am – 10 am and a $5 donation is suggested.

The Pasco Fury softball team is hosting a Goodwill donation drive all day starting at 8 am. Drop off gently used and well worn (they recycle clothes, shoes, etc…) clothing, books, shoes, games, CDs, DVDs (even ones that are scratched – they can recycle!) at their location at the Pasco Walmart on Rd. 68.

Confluent Space will be hosting a 3D printer tool training on Sunday at 1 pm. Want to learn all about how to get a design printed? Come to this class to learn how to make the designs, send it to the 3D printer, know if the printer is working properly, and complete a 3D print.

Register online – the class is free for Confluent members and $10 for non-members.

What do you think about our curated list of events? 

Did we miss anything?

What are you excited about doing this weekend that we missed?



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