How many times have you heard someone say ‘there’s nothing to do in Tri-Cities’?

Probably a lot, right?

Well, we’ve heard it too and decided to do something about that – with your help!

When you think about the Tri-Cities, do you envision tumbleweeds blowing on an empty highway? If that’s you – keep an eye on Bored in Tri-Cities.

We’re going to prove that wrong by showing you the best things to do if you live in the TC. That could be local events – from live music to hiking, or things to do near the Tri-Cities in the wider Eastern Washington region.

We’re a team of both natives and transplants who believe the TC is actually a growing and increasingly diverse community with tons of potential! We know there are plenty of great things to do around the TC – and even more reasons to stay.

Bored in Tri-Cities was created to communicate those things to people who live here and bring together through different forms of collaboration the people who want to make it even better!

From its unique natural beautyriver recreation and hiking to a budding small business scene and residents moving in from other cities, states and countries – a new culture is growing theTri-Cities.

We just have to give it water 🙂

We’ll start by promoting local activities and events and then collaborate with you to create new things to do inspired by trends in big cities like Seattle and New York.

Through coming together in creating and attending these events, we hope to be a part of the community building and city-building process that has begun in the Tri-Cities.

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