5 Reasons to Choose Local Company “Tri-Cities Delivered Goods” over Uber Eatz

Did you know we have a local food delivery service here in Tri-Cities?

Tri-Cities Delivered Goods launched this year and is owned by local resident Steven Adams. We’ve covered his service before on Bored in Tri-Cities, but thought it was time for a little refresher given the elephant in the room – Uber Eatz.

Uber Eatz is now in Tri-Cities, but we’ll give you a few reasons to choose Tri-Cities Delivered Goods instead!

  1.  First off, you’ll be supporting a local business instead of a huge corporation that’s had more than a few problems with its services.
  2.  Steven will deliver from any restaurant in town! Even the higher end restaurants where Uber is NOT, like Red Lobster and Olive Garden. With Uber, you have to choose from a limited list of restaurants.
  3.  Tri-Cities Delivered Goods will also do your grocery shopping and bring it to your door! Heck, they’ll even put it away in your fridge for you if you want 🙂
  4. Consistency. You’ll always see the same drivers at Tri-Cities Delivered Goods, allowing you to trust them and build a good working relationship!
  5.  Uber charges the restaurants a HEFTY fee, whereas Steven does not – which is better for our local businesses!

According to Steven, “time will tell” if Uber Eatz will affect his business at all.

But he feels pretty confident because 95 percent of his customer base are repeat customers. 

Tri-Cities Delivered Goods has ALL five-star ratings in his reviews – plus Steven is a nice guy!

So give Tri-Cities Delivered Goods a chance! Choose local 🙂


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