We’re making progress on our mural projects and photo agency!

We told you that we were becoming more creative and that as “Creative Tri-Cities” we were getting started with two really sweet projects!

  1. Making interactive murals

  2. Starting a photo agency

The neglected end of Columbia Park is just ripe for some colorful, beautiful, interactive murals …

… Don’t you think?


We went to the Kennewick Arts Commission last month to pitch the idea and they loved it 🙂

So, we’ll begin the project approval process with the Army Corps of Engineers (because they own the land and buildings in Columbia Park). In the meantime, we may even get another mural project started at another site in Kennewick!

We have a couple of great local artists working on sketches now – and we’re excited to begin painting!

As for the photo agency, we’ve received a lot of interest from local photographers and that’s great! 🙂

Our goal with the photo agency is to promote both local photographers and the Tri-Cities – we hope to start making some sweet Tri-Cities promotional merchandise like a poster series, postcards, coasters, t-shirts etc …


We have some really, really talented photographers already in the agency – and we’re working on getting some projects started!

We’d also like to see a lot less generic photos hanging on businesses’ walls or on their websites – and instead see great work by local photographers showing off the beauty of eastern Washington and the Tri-Cities 🙂

Are you interested in volunteering on our mural projects? Get in touch with us here – or on social media!

Local photographers interested in joining the agency should also get in contact 🙂

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