We’re starting a local photo agency to promote Tri-Cities and its photographers!

Creative Tri-Cities Photo Agency is one of the first projects we’re doing as Creative Tri-Cities because in our months as Bored in Tri-Cities we’ve received the most engagement from photographers on social media.

We already have a small network of talented local photographers who want to be involved – and now we’re putting out a call to everyone.

We’ll get everyone who wants in together at an informal meeting (exact date TBD) later this month to see where everyone is at and what ideas you all might have about what a Tri-Cities photo agency would look like.

Right now, we’re interested in creating Tri-Cities swag like postcards and even a poster series that combines photography and graphic design. So if you’re a graphic designer who wants to help – we’ll have things for you to do to!

We’ll also add a new page to Bored in Tri-Cities just for local photography! We’ll host galleries spotlighting local photographers, promote your work and even create a subscription service where photographers can sell their photos online through the agency!

Once that’s up and running, if local news agencies, the cities, or anyone else who works in print or online and needs photos, they can buy them easily and from one place. This will help you get your photos seen by more people, and will hopefully help you get paid for your photos (even better!).

Are you interested? 

Before we set up the time and place for the meeting, we have to know how many people are interested in coming.

Let us know here through the website contact form or on our Instagram page in a DM if you want to join Creative Tri-Cities photo agency!


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