Who wants to help make a mural?

Since hanging out in Columbia Park in Kennewick more and more, I’ve been noticing that one end of the park is conspicuously less well-kept than the other.

If you’ve been there, I’m sure you know which is which. The end closer to to the Blue Bridge, by the boat launch and Playground of Dreams, is way nicer than the end down by Kimo’s and Bateman Island.

Down that direction, it’s still beautiful, but the buildings look abandoned and derelict. The bathrooms are no-go zones and there’s an entire campground that has been “closed for repairs” for years.

It’s time for us as Kennewick residents to step up and take ownership of that end of the park. Not literally, although I would like to camp at that campground one day…, but figuratively – by taking part in our murals project!

We want to get a group of volunteers together to repaint some of the old buildings with interactive murals. Have you seen the wings painted on the building behind the Richland Players Theater? That’s an example of interactive murals. People will go to take selfies there, and stand in front of the wings so it looks like they’re your wings.

We went to the City of Kennewick Arts Commission last week and proposed the idea. They liked it, and are going to identify which buildings they have purview over and let us know so we can start designing the murals.

There are soooo any options for designs – and we want to get people who are interested in helping out together to start designing the murals!

Do you want to help? Get in touch with us – either here on the website or on our Instagram page.

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