The Painted Pianos Project is looking for a Kennewick artist for Downtown piano!

We had the pleasure of meeting Carissa Jones, co-founder of the Tri-Cities Painted Pianos Project, last week when we went to talk to the Kennewick Arts Commission about our plans to create interactive murals in Kennewick’s Columbia Park.

Carissa was also at the meeting trying to find the perfect location for Kennewick’s first “painted piano.”

If you’ve ever been to Seattle or L.A. or New York City, you might have seen painted pianos in public spaces – just waiting to be played!

Groups in those cities found donated pianos, paired them with artists and then found a spot to put the piano where anyone could walk up and play it!

Now, the Tri-Cities has its own painted pianos – there are several already out in Richland (The Landing, Kaegan’s Coffee & Crepes). This will be the first piano in Kennewick.

Painted Pianos is asking for Kennewick artists to take the 88 Keys survey here
in order to submit ideas for the piano.

Carissa said the vision and style of the painted pianos will be based somewhat on the location – but it’s “totally up to the artists what their vision will be!”

The group is also still accepting piano donations too – so if you have an old piano you’ve been trying to get rid of, they’ll probably take it off your hands!

Are you an artist who wants to submit a design for a painted piano?
Do you have an old piano you want to give away for a good cause?

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