Bored in Tri-Cities => Creative Tri-Cities!

Bored in TC => Creative TC

We spent our first few months as Bored in Tri-Cities showing you all the cool stuff there is to do in Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco, and that was fun!

We attended lots of different events, interviewed residents and business owners, and met lots of new people!

Now, we want to grow in a new direction.

Instead of just showing other people’s events and activities – we’re going to start creating some of our own too!

One of our first projects is going to be creating a local photo agency to highlight the work of local photographers from the Tri-Cities! Already, through Instagram, we have met so many talented local photographers.

We’ve showcased some of their work on Bored in Tri-Cities and we’re going to be doing more gallery-style showcases on our various pages online.

The first project for our local photo agency will be putting together a collaborative project to showcase the Tri-Cities.

Our aim is for the photos to be used to promote the Tri-Cities – so the photos could be printed into postcards, added to online photo galleries on city websites, or made into a poster series highlighting the best sights in the Tri-Cities!

If you’re interested in working with us, and other local photographers, to showcase the Tri-Cities, get in touch with us soon so we can include you on the email list when we get our plan ready to send out in the next couple of weeks!

Another effort we’re working on is to beautify our community and parks through art.

For our first project, we’ll be talking with the City of Kennewick arts commission this week about possible sites for new murals – we’re hoping to do this in Columbia Park but it could be any number of places!

Once we’ve talked to them, we’ll put out a call for anyone interested in helping!

Everyone can help – you don’t even have to be an artist 🙂

We have some more ideas, but we’ll get started with these ones first – and then keep growing!

What kind of creative projects would you like to see in the Tri-Cities?

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