We went to the Adventures Underground 10-year anniversary and met cool people!

We got a booth at Adventures Underground’s 10-year anniversary party this weekend and it was awesome!

It started on Friday and kicked off with live music from Ippy Crick, Naughty Pine, and more. On Saturday, bands including Pets, SVPPERCVB, Badland Nomad, Invincible Czars and more played music throughout the day.

Food vendors, artists, authors and others set up out in the parking lot to sell their wares. People walked around in costumes of superheroes and aliens. They had a special midnight showing of A Clockwork Orange at the Uptown Theater.

We were selling art, photos and books and had a great time chatting with visitors and other vendors.

Davin Diaz – Drewboy Creative

Right next to our booth was artist Davin Diaz of Richland art gallery Drewboy Creative. He was there doing Basquiat-inspired portraits on found maps.

Davin Diaz of Drewboy Creative (Bored in Tri-Cities)

Diaz described his style as “contemporary” and “avante garde,” although that’s evolved over time because he started with a more classical style.

Then he fell in love with Jean-Michel Basquiat, an American artist from the 80s born in Brooklyn whose style is graffiti-esq and falls into the categories of neo-expressionism, primitivism, and contemporary art. Despite the rough appearance, one of his pieces just sold for over $100 million.

(Bored in Tri-Cities)

Diaz tries to harness that energy in his work – with his own flavor. Recently, he’s taking a chance on creating the kind of art he likes to do, rather than trying to appeal to what others expect.

I think it’s working Davin!

(Bored in Tri-Cities)


He did several portraits that I saw and while they certainly had a modern art feel to them, they really captured the essence of the person at the same time.

Great job!

Laura Turo – local artist

As long as she could remember, Turo has “been making stuff” – she said she remembers her creativity starting as early as age 3! She’s from upstate New York but moved here for a job with PNNL. She went to art school and studied ceramics in New York City.

Laura Turo, local artist (Bored in Tri-Cities)

When she first moved to the Tri-Cities, she didn’t have a kiln or a wheel to make ceramics. But her creativity needed to find an expression so she started doodling.

That evolved into a mixed media style all her own – and one that I think is very cool (full disclosure, I bought a print from her – this yellow one actually)!

Print by Laura Turo (Bored in Tri-Cities)

She did get a wheel and a kiln recently, so she’s beginning to make ceramics again. Be sure to check her page for those when they are ready!

(Bored in Tri-Cities)

Turo is currently showing her art at the Caterpillar Cafe in Adventures Underground. She has previously had shows at other galleries including You & I Gallery.

I highly recommend going to see her beautiful work!

#LoveNotHate Tri-Cities

Laura and Martin Newberry were at the event representing the Love Not Hate group in the Tri-Cities. It’s a national campaign and they’re representing our local chapter.

Love Not Hate started after the election of Donald Trump amid fear that social justice gains would be reversed under the new president. Many minorities were afraid of being attacked amid the hateful rhetoric.

Laura and Martin Newberry of  Love Not Hate Tri-Cities       (Bored in Tri-Cities)

The creation of this group has “provided a lot of comfort” to people who felt afraid after Trump’s election, Laura said.

Love Not Hate allows people to create the community they want to see and have conversations about different topics in a non-antagonistic way, Laura said.

The most visible effect of the group are the lawn signs – which sold like hotcakes at the Adventures Underground party!

(Bored in Tri-Cities)

“We started as a group of people that got together to print 250 signs,” Laura said. “They were all gone in 2-3 weeks … we’re on our 3rd batch of signs now!”

The background of the sign is the best part, according to Martin.

“It was a 3rd grader in Chicago who came up with the idea. Then students and parents helped make it happen,” Martin said.

You can go to the Love Not Hate website and download all the artwork to easily create your own sign, Martin said.

The campaign has gone national, and signs are popping up in every state, Martin said. You can find it online under the hashtag #LoveNotHate and #HHNHH (Hate has no home here).

(Bored in Tri-Cities)

Love Not Hate Tri-Cities wants to bring together all the different communities in the Tri-Cities for good – like raising money for charity acts like they did when members did a fundraiser to fill up the Pasco School pantry when it was low on supplies.

It was also members of Love Not Hate that started the Sunday Postcard Writing group I’ve written about before on the blog. They meet every Sunday (often at Ethos Bakery and Cafe) to write to elected officials about important issues.

Although the group appears liberal and leftist, they want to reach out to Republicans and conservatives as well.

With Pride Month next month, the group will be meeting soon with LGBT activists and others interested in planning events. Get in touch with them on Facebook if you’re interested!



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