Tri-Cities has a new delivery service – aka we’re not stuck with just pizza anymore!

Gone are the days when – on those nights where we really just can’t be bothered to cook – there was only Domino’s and Pizza Hut for delivery.

Not that I don’t enjoy a pizza every now and then. But really, I am so happy that the Tri-Cities finally has a delivery service!

It’s something that nearly every city has, and we should have it too.

Tri-Cities Delivered Goods (TCDG) not only delivers you food from your favorite restaurant, they also deliver groceries.

Another plus – it’s a family business owned by locals!

Owner Steven Adams talked to Bored in Tri-Cities about what the delivery service offers and why you should give it a try.

“We offer an incredible service at a very affordable price. We do not mark up prices on products, as many delivery services do,” Adams said.

TCDG works with Safeway, Fred Meyer, Albertsons, Winco, Walmart and Yokes – and they charge just $10 +10% of the grocery total to do your shopping for you and deliver it to your door. They deliver from ANY restaurant you choose and the fee is customized to your order and location.

“Our goal is to offer a service that is affordable to not just the rich, but to everyone. We want the residents of Tri-Cities to know that there is a service available that is willing to take care of their needs without taking advantage of their pocketbooks,” Adams told Bored in Tri-Cities.

I can vouch for this service. I saw Adams deliver groceries to an elderly neighbor of mine who has a hard time getting to the store. For people like her, this service is a lifeline.

They also do work lunch and corporate deliveries too.

The ethos of TCDG is simply: “our willingness to help those that need the assistance in bringing what one needs to their residence or place of business,” Adams said.

One delivery that really shows what TCDG is all about according to Adams was when a local radio DJ had an injury and wasn’t as mobile.

“We delivered to her and she wrote an article about us letting her audience know how wonderful our service was,” Adams said. “We cannot express how much gratitude we have for someone during us such a great justice.”

On TCDG’s Facebook page, they have all 5-star ratings and great reviews. Why don’t you try them out next time you can’t or don’t feel like leaving the house?

Their contact and more information is available on their website.

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