Our summer agenda!

Over the next month or so we aim to set our agenda for the summer. But first, we want to hear from you about what you want to see happen!

This is a call to action! We need your input.

Bored in Tri-Cities was made to promote fun activities and events around the Tri-Cities as well as help create new ones.

In order to do that, we need your input and ideas on how to make them happen! What events are you excited to attend this summer? What kinds of things do you wish you could do in Tri-Cities but you don’t see here yet?

Personally, I’m excited about the total solar eclipse that’s happening in August.

Apparently it’s best viewed along a narrow path that will cut across the U.S. on August 21. For us here in the Tri-Cities, the closest place within that band is in Oregon, south of Hepner. You can see the map of the path here.

A bunch of us were going to be in Wallowa Lake, OR, that weekend anyway for a family thing so for me it’ll just be a short drive from there to the best viewing spot!

What are your plans for the solar eclipse this summer? What about other events? It could be concerts, road trips … anything!

Bored in Tri-Cities wants to hear from you about your summer activity ideas, travel tips, and your favorite itineraries for trips around the region.

There’s plenty to see around here – I know because I have a long list of places within a couple hours of the Tri-Cities I’m dying to visit: Palouse Falls, where the waterfall is apparently crazy right now because of the wet winter, and a full scale Stonehenge replica that’s perched on the Columbia River Gorge.

What about river recreation? We’re so lucky to live on the Columbia River. From fishing to boating to floating, there are a million ways to enjoy the river.

Whatever you have in mind, share it with us. Let’s build!

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