We’re starting a local photo agency to promote Tri-Cities and its photographers!

Creative Tri-Cities Photo Agency is one of the first projects we’re doing as Creative Tri-Cities because in our months as Bored in Tri-Cities we’ve received the most engagement from photographers on social media.

We already have a small network of talented local photographers who want to be involved – and now we’re putting out a call to everyone.

We’ll get everyone who wants in together at an informal meeting (exact date TBD) later this month to see where everyone is at and what ideas you all might have about what a Tri-Cities photo agency would look like.

Right now, we’re interested in creating Tri-Cities swag like postcards and even a poster series that combines photography and graphic design. So if you’re a graphic designer who wants to help – we’ll have things for you to do to!

We’ll also add a new page to Bored in Tri-Cities just for local photography! We’ll host galleries spotlighting local photographers, promote your work and even create a subscription service where photographers can sell their photos online through the agency!

Once that’s up and running, if local news agencies, the cities, or anyone else who works in print or online and needs photos, they can buy them easily and from one place. This will help you get your photos seen by more people, and will hopefully help you get paid for your photos (even better!).

Are you interested? 

Before we set up the time and place for the meeting, we have to know how many people are interested in coming.

Let us know here through the website contact form or on our Instagram page in a DM if you want to join Creative Tri-Cities photo agency!


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5 Reasons to Choose Local Company “Tri-Cities Delivered Goods” over Uber Eatz

Did you know we have a local food delivery service here in Tri-Cities?

Tri-Cities Delivered Goods launched this year and is owned by local resident Steven Adams. We’ve covered his service before on Bored in Tri-Cities, but thought it was time for a little refresher given the elephant in the room – Uber Eatz.

Uber Eatz is now in Tri-Cities, but we’ll give you a few reasons to choose Tri-Cities Delivered Goods instead!

  1.  First off, you’ll be supporting a local business instead of a huge corporation that’s had more than a few problems with its services.
  2.  Steven will deliver from any restaurant in town! Even the higher end restaurants where Uber is NOT, like Red Lobster and Olive Garden. With Uber, you have to choose from a limited list of restaurants.
  3.  Tri-Cities Delivered Goods will also do your grocery shopping and bring it to your door! Heck, they’ll even put it away in your fridge for you if you want 🙂
  4. Consistency. You’ll always see the same drivers at Tri-Cities Delivered Goods, allowing you to trust them and build a good working relationship!
  5.  Uber charges the restaurants a HEFTY fee, whereas Steven does not – which is better for our local businesses!

According to Steven, “time will tell” if Uber Eatz will affect his business at all.

But he feels pretty confident because 95 percent of his customer base are repeat customers. 

Tri-Cities Delivered Goods has ALL five-star ratings in his reviews – plus Steven is a nice guy!

So give Tri-Cities Delivered Goods a chance! Choose local 🙂


Top 3 places to explore the outdoors in the Tri-Cities area!

The nights are getting a little bit cooler, and fall is getting close.

As our summer comes to an end, I know I’m trying to get outdoors as much as possible – to soak up as much sunlight as I can before the gray winter months ahead.

One of my favorite things to do is get out of the city and into nature. We’re lucky here in the Tri-Cities to have so much natural beauty surrounding us.

Here are my top 3 places to explore in the Tri-Cities area!

  1. Badger Mountain Community Park:

I love this park! It’s a place you can really wander freely. There are a couple trails, but I love going off the trails and just exploring! There’s also plenty of space in this park so even if there are other people there, you can feel like you have the place to yourself!

Badger Mt. Community Park is on the smaller hill across Keene Rd from the real Badger Mt. It has the gazebo on top that you can see from all over the TC.

The park has amazing 360 views of the entire Tri-Cities area! In one direction you see Badger Mt. and the rest of the ridges – Candy Mt., Red Mt., and Rattlesnake Mt in the distance. In the other, you see Richland, Kennewick, Pasco and the rivers.

It’s a great place to watch the sunset and have a picnic 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The gazebo on top is a perfect spot to hang your hammock, meditate, drink a coffee, and look out over the beautiful Tri-Cities!

To get there, go behind Yolk’s on Keene Rd. and follow Englewood Dr. as it snakes its way up the hill to the very top. There’ll be a parking lot and some walking paths leading to the gazebo and beyond!

2. Badger Mountain:

When I go to Badger Mountain, it’s almost a spiritual experience! I feel like I’m really out of the city – in nature – and that I can relax and enjoy the smell of sagebrush.

Badger Mountain is probably the most popular place in town to go out for a hike – but you don’t always have to go on the path most traveled! There are plenty of trails to hike, but most people do the Canyon Trail that starts in Trailhead Park (which is also a really nice place to chill out on a sunny day!).

Other than the Canyon Trail, there’s also the Skyline Trail, Langdon Trail, Sagebrush Trail, and Badger Flats Trail – here’s more information on each one to decide which one to try out next!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If I’m trying to get away from the crowds and take a little easier route, I’ll start up the Canyon Trail then divert off of that almost immediately to the Sagebrush Trail which goes around to the back of the mountain.

I hardly ever run into anyone on that trail – which can be nice sometimes! On the Canyon Trail, it can feel like all of Tri-Cities is up there hiking!

We are really lucky to have these well-maintained trails on Badger Mt – and that’s thanks to a grassroots effort led by Friends of Badger Mountain.

Almost all the trails are wide and made out of crushed gravel. On some of the trails, you can even bring your horse or mountain bike. Be sure to check that you choose the right trail for your individual needs on the Friends of Badger Mountain website.

3. White Bluffs in the Hanford Reach National Monument

This is 300-square miles of pristine natural beauty to explore! My favorite part is climbing up the dazzling white bluffs and checking out the view from the top – looking out over the Columbia River towards the Hanford Site and Rattlesnake Mt.

One of the best sunsets I ever saw was from here – it was my desktop background for years. This is a place you want to see!

The Hanford Reach National Monument was created in 2000 out of part of the security boundary around the Hanford site. The Monument land practically unspoiled nature after being sequestered from the public for decades.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Quick note: The Hanford Reach National Monument is HUGE and you can’t drive all the way through it from end to end. Make sure you go to the entrance on the Pasco side of the River as opposed to driving out of Richland towards Vantage … because that specific part of the Monument is still closed to the public.)

Fun fact: It has a LAKE called Saddle Mountain Lake. Although you can see it from the road, you can’t actually get into that part of the Monument so don’t try like I did last week!

So to get to the entrance that actually works to get you into the Monument, here are driving directions to get you there.

From there, there are several trails to choose from, or you can just explore sans trail. I’ve also seen people fishing out there – so might be some uncrowded fishing spots for you if you’re interested!

This is some real, unspoiled wilderness to explore.

Hope you enjoyed my Top 3 places to explore post! Where do you love to get outdoors and wander in the Tri-Cities area?


Volunteer opportunities at the Tri-Cities only homeless shelter – TC Union Gospel Mission

Last summer I found myself with some extra time on my hands – so I looked up volunteer opportunities in the Tri-Cities.

I found that opportunity at the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission in Pasco. (Here’s a list of their ‘urgent needs’ for donations in case you are unable to volunteer your time but still want to help!)

TCUGM is our only homeless shelter – and as such, they need all the help we can give them!

The shelter has a range of opportunities for just about anyone – from serving lunch and chatting with people to brighten up their day, to data entry, to working in the warehouse!

I worked in the women’s shelter – where they have a “store” set up to give away clothing and shoes to women and children, along with household items and toys for the kids. On Wednesday mornings, I’d go for a couple of hours and sort out donated clothes and hang them up and organize the store.

On Wednesday mornings, I’d go for a couple of hours and sort out donated clothes and hang them up and organize the store. I met some really amazing ladies who were also volunteering there, and it was always a fun morning!

Women and children would come through the next day for the “giveaway”: each got to take a bag of free stuff. The volunteer coordinators were very serious about making the store look and feel like a real store – so that the people who needed it felt like … people!

The volunteer coordinators were very serious about making the store look and feel like a real store – so that the people who needed it felt like … people! So we’d carefully sort out any defected clothing, and make sure all the racks of clothing looked organized and neat.

I just received an email with updated volunteer opportunities – and since I had such a good experience helping out there – I wanted to share those with you all. Here you go!

Volunteer opportunities (To sign up email Caitlyn Carroll at CaitlynCarroll@tcugm.org)

We want to welcome our new warehouse manager, Mike with open arms! He has great ideas and he is need of help for getting a new system implemented before this holiday season. We need people NEXT SATURDAY (September 9th) from 2:00-4:00 pm. Please if you have this Saturday open, do let me know and I will place you on the schedule to help!

Serving Meals:
You would be coming alongside to help serve the homeless and the people in the community a meal. Just a friendly smile and a simple “How are you?” can change these people’s day. It seems like a simple duty, but it is really important! So we need people to come help serve on these days: If you would like to be placed on a call list for if we need someone short notice, do let me know.

  • Lunch 11:30 am-1:45 pm

Wednesday Organizing Clothes (Ladies Only):
You would be working over in the Women’s shelter and organizing all of the donations that we receive. We have a community giveaway where families in need can come downstairs and receive clothing, household items, and other resources to help them. All of your donations that you bring to the shelter help go toward this.

  • Every Wednesday from 9:30-11:30 am

Thursday Community Giveaway Women’s Shelter (Ladies Only):
Like said in the opportunity before, we have a community giveaway every Thursday and we have 50-100 families come and receive help. We need people to help keep getting new items out so the ladies that come down and get things for their families, can have something. We want to make sure that the last family that comes through gets just as much stuff and the things that they need just like the first person that comes down.

  • Every Thursday from 8:30-11:30 am

Thursday Community Giveaway Men’s Shelter:
Along with giving clothing away, we also give out food boxes to families in need. We just need some help getting the food boxes out to these people’s cars. Some are elderly and cannot carry these heavy boxes, or some are mother’s who are carrying children. So we just ask that you be able to carry about a 10-pound box. If you have a hand truck you are not using, we need them to help take food boxes to the cars. So if you have one just sitting around your house, please think about donating it. 

  • Every Thursday from 9:30 am-12:30 pm (10 Volunteers needed) Small Groups Welcomed.

We love to help bring people together through learning about Jesus Christ. We do Chapel with both the men and the women and are looking for people to help lead those groups!

  • Men12:30 pm-1:00 pm and 7:30 pm-8:00 pm
  • Women: 8:00 am-8:30 am and 6:00 pm-7:00 pm

Children’s Chapel (Ladies Only):
The children’s chaplain must be someone who deeply loves children, and most of all loves Jesus. They must be Christian and have an active church life. They must have experience working with children (school teachers, Sunday school teachers, day care workers, etc), and a solid knowledge of Bible basics. They must be friendly, patient, kind, dependable, flexible, and understanding.  The children staying here are going through some sort of trauma, and that can cause them to act out in ways that may be difficult to handle. We desire that the children’s chaplain will have the patience and love to show them how much God cares for them.

  • Every Night from 5:50 pm-7:00 pm

House Mom (Ladies Only):
We are in need of ladies that are willing to come spend a morning or evening once a week and help be a mom to these ladies that are staying here. Just loving on them and supporting staff with minor duties involved.

  • Every Sunday 3:00pm-9:00pm
  • Every Monday 3:00pm-9:00pm
  • Every Tuesday 3:00pm-9:00pm
  • Every Wednesday: 9:00-2:00pm & 3:00pm-9:00pm
  • Every Thursday 9:00-2:00pm & 3:00pm-9:00pm
  • Every Friday 3:00pm-9:00pm
  • Every other Saturday 3:00pm-9:00pm

Data Entry:
Along with preparing for our holiday season, we are in need of one rock star volunteer to help us input data entry. This opportunity does ask for a time commitment (a couple months long).

  • This can be done anytime during office hours (8:00am-4:00 pm) only for a couple hours a day.

Office Cleaning: 
Our admin offices are normally forgotten about by the community because most people know about our Men and Women’s facility.

  • We just would love if someone could come in maybe every other week during office house (8:00am-4:00 pm) and do some light cleaning (cleaning windows, vacuuming, etc. )

Warehouse Organizing (Small Groups):
This is where all donations from the community get placed. There is clothes, food, etc. We need some groups that would like to come and help out. So if you have a small group that would like to take a couple hours to come down and help us sort through the craziness that is the warehouse that would be amazing!

  • MondayFriday 8:00am-4:00pm

Saturday Open Basement:
Once a month on a Saturday we go downstairs to the Women’s shelter and do whatever they need that month, whether it be simply cleaning, organizing donations, hanging clothes, etc. All of the times for this will be from 2:00pm-4:00 pm and they never change. We can only have up to 20 volunteers for each Saturday.

The dates for these will be:

  • Sep: 9th
  • Oct: 7th
  • Nov: 4th
  • Dec: 23rd

If you are unable to serve, there are also other ways that you can help the TCUGM. Prayers for the people staying here and just the shelters overall would be greatly appreciated!

Donations are also huge. So clothing you do not wear, or shoes that don’t fit, household items that are just sitting waiting to go to goodwill. We would totally accept all of it and give it away to people in need!

Just drop it off over at the Men’s Shelter (112 North 2nd Ave, Pasco WA) where it says donor parking.

On our website, we have an urgent needs list http://tcugm.org/needs so if you ever want to just know what we need or could use it is all on there!

Thank you all so much for being interested in the Mission. We really appreciate you all and everything you do for us.

Caitlyn Carroll
Volunteer/Community Coordinator

Caitlyn’s email: CaitlynCarroll@tcugm.org

Total Eclipse Photos by Local Photographers for sale now!

Have you seen the shots of the total eclipse taken by local Tri-Cities photographers Aaron Doss and Jason Tomlinson? They are stunning!

Metal prints of their eclipse photos are now for sale! Just go to their websites: Aarondossphotography.com and JasonTomlinsonPhoto.com

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jason and Aaron are members of the photo agency we started as Creative Tri-Cities over the summer (website coming soon!). So you’ll be seeing a lot more great photography on Bored in Tri-Cities as we promote them and other members 🙂

The agency will promote beautiful photos like these by local Tri-Cities photographers. It will also promote the Tri-Cities through photography – and you should see some Tri-Cities merchandise made from their photos up for sale on the website soon!

Know someone who would love a metal print of the total eclipse taken by a local photographer? Share this with them!

Are you interested in joining our photo agency? Get in touch with us!

We’re creating a new event! The Tri-City Pop-Up Book Swap is coming soon …

Do you want a fresher book shelf at home? Are your books just collecting dust? Bring the ones you don’t want anymore and go home with something you’ll actually read.

Are you moving or downsizing and need to unload your book collection? Bring them over!

Do you want to buy books but don’t know where to start in those huge book stores? Come to the Book Swap to check out our curated selections of books.

Our book shelf!

We’re working on a new event for the Tri-Cities!

The Tri-City Pop-Up Book Swap will be coming soon to a location near you.

The Book Swap will be popping up around town soon. It’ll be an opportunity to buy, sell, or swap books – and you’ll also get to meet other people who love books 🙂

As part of the Pop-Up, we’ll create a chill lounge spot to hang out in and peruse the books.

ItzaFineDay / Flikr

Do you like this idea? Do you want us to create more pop-up events?

If you like this idea and want to help – get in touch with us!




We’re making progress on our mural projects and photo agency!

We told you that we were becoming more creative and that as “Creative Tri-Cities” we were getting started with two really sweet projects!

  1. Making interactive murals

  2. Starting a photo agency

The neglected end of Columbia Park is just ripe for some colorful, beautiful, interactive murals …

… Don’t you think?


We went to the Kennewick Arts Commission last month to pitch the idea and they loved it 🙂

So, we’ll begin the project approval process with the Army Corps of Engineers (because they own the land and buildings in Columbia Park). In the meantime, we may even get another mural project started at another site in Kennewick!

We have a couple of great local artists working on sketches now – and we’re excited to begin painting!

As for the photo agency, we’ve received a lot of interest from local photographers and that’s great! 🙂

Our goal with the photo agency is to promote both local photographers and the Tri-Cities – we hope to start making some sweet Tri-Cities promotional merchandise like a poster series, postcards, coasters, t-shirts etc …


We have some really, really talented photographers already in the agency – and we’re working on getting some projects started!

We’d also like to see a lot less generic photos hanging on businesses’ walls or on their websites – and instead see great work by local photographers showing off the beauty of eastern Washington and the Tri-Cities 🙂

Are you interested in volunteering on our mural projects? Get in touch with us here – or on social media!

Local photographers interested in joining the agency should also get in contact 🙂

The Painted Pianos Project is looking for a Kennewick artist for Downtown piano!

We had the pleasure of meeting Carissa Jones, co-founder of the Tri-Cities Painted Pianos Project, last week when we went to talk to the Kennewick Arts Commission about our plans to create interactive murals in Kennewick’s Columbia Park.

Carissa was also at the meeting trying to find the perfect location for Kennewick’s first “painted piano.”

If you’ve ever been to Seattle or L.A. or New York City, you might have seen painted pianos in public spaces – just waiting to be played!

Groups in those cities found donated pianos, paired them with artists and then found a spot to put the piano where anyone could walk up and play it!

Now, the Tri-Cities has its own painted pianos – there are several already out in Richland (The Landing, Kaegan’s Coffee & Crepes). This will be the first piano in Kennewick.

Painted Pianos is asking for Kennewick artists to take the 88 Keys survey here
in order to submit ideas for the piano.

Carissa said the vision and style of the painted pianos will be based somewhat on the location – but it’s “totally up to the artists what their vision will be!”

The group is also still accepting piano donations too – so if you have an old piano you’ve been trying to get rid of, they’ll probably take it off your hands!

Are you an artist who wants to submit a design for a painted piano?
Do you have an old piano you want to give away for a good cause?

Who wants to help make a mural?

Since hanging out in Columbia Park in Kennewick more and more, I’ve been noticing that one end of the park is conspicuously less well-kept than the other.

If you’ve been there, I’m sure you know which is which. The end closer to to the Blue Bridge, by the boat launch and Playground of Dreams, is way nicer than the end down by Kimo’s and Bateman Island.

Down that direction, it’s still beautiful, but the buildings look abandoned and derelict. The bathrooms are no-go zones and there’s an entire campground that has been “closed for repairs” for years.

It’s time for us as Kennewick residents to step up and take ownership of that end of the park. Not literally, although I would like to camp at that campground one day…, but figuratively – by taking part in our murals project!

We want to get a group of volunteers together to repaint some of the old buildings with interactive murals. Have you seen the wings painted on the building behind the Richland Players Theater? That’s an example of interactive murals. People will go to take selfies there, and stand in front of the wings so it looks like they’re your wings.

We went to the City of Kennewick Arts Commission last week and proposed the idea. They liked it, and are going to identify which buildings they have purview over and let us know so we can start designing the murals.

There are soooo any options for designs – and we want to get people who are interested in helping out together to start designing the murals!

Do you want to help? Get in touch with us – either here on the website or on our Instagram page.

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